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Chief Executive Officer and Global Strategic Advisor | San Francisco, CA, USA
A widely recognized global HR industry leader, Karen Beaman has 30 years of experience in the fields of information systems and human resource management. She is a recognized global leader, having lived and worked internationally for over 15 years and through her research on transnational models, shared services, global mindset, and the globalization of HR and HRIS. She is the chief researcher for Jeitosa’s annual Going Global Survey and other benchmarking efforts, focused on uncovering leading practices in effective, efficient, and innovative global organizational management.

  • More than 30 years experience in information systems and human resource management, as a manager, developer, practitioner, consultant, and entrepreneur.
  • Advocate of global business process design, global system architecture, and global mindset.
  • Led the team that developed the global strategy for Workday's Human Capital Management system.
  • Lead researcher for Jeitosa's annual Going Global Survey and Global HR/Payroll Benchmarking Study focused on uncovering leading practices in global organizations.
  • Previously responsible for ADP's professional services across the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.
  • Vice President and Managing Director of AGConsulting for Europe and the Eastern US Region.
  • Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the IHRIM Journal, Managing Editor for IHRIM's Workforce Solutions Review, and Program Chair for IHRIM's Global HR Forum.
  • Director of Application Development for Tesseract Corporation responsible for the development of their Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll applications.
  • Published extensively in the fields of linguistics, humanities, management, organizational design, human resources, multi-dimensional workforce, information technology, shared services, sourcing strategies, change management, cross-cultural communications, and globalization.
  • Editor of four leading industry books: Boundaryless HR: HCM in the Global Economy (2002), Out of Site: An Inside Look at HR Outsourcing (2004), Common Cause: HR Shared Services Delivery (2006), and HR Frontiers: Shifting Boundaries, Changing Borders (2008).

  • Major Systems Integrator: Supported the development of a global payroll strategy, market analysis, opportunity assesement, and business case development.
  • Mastercard:  Conducted an assessment of their global payroll organization and staff support structure and developed benchmarks with three other similar organizations to provide comparison metrics to support the evolution of their global payroll organization.
  • Driscolls:  Conducted strategic workshop with senior HR leadership team, training them in the HR landscape, uncovering their business needs and identifying guiding principles and key requirements for modernizing their global HR systems environment.
  • Monsanto:  Led their global team in the development of a global payroll strategy covering 50 countries, supported their evaluation of global payroll solutions on the market, and developed a business case for global deployment; also evaluated and developed phase two recommendations for their global HR technology strategy.
  • Williams-Sonoma:  Led and coordinated the development of a global data privacy strategy and set of policies to achieve Safe Harbor certification; also supported the management of the implementation and roll out of the SuccessFactors performance management system.
  • Major Investment Firm:  Led the development of a Global Service Delivery Model (GSDM) for transitioning their US-focused HR organization to a more globally appropriate model, including recommendations for organizational redesign, service standardization, and system automation.
  • ADP Research Institute:  Lead researcher in the definition and development of a global HR/Payroll Benchmarking study to determine leading practices in global payroll, covering both strategic and organization design issues, as well as a tactical cost models, including both internal and external costs.
  • Grass Valley:  Led the executive team in developing a global HRIS strategy and roadmap; led the company's evaluation and selection of a new global HRIS and provided executive level support in the global deployment and roll-out; supported the roll-out of SuccessFactors Employee Central for their global workforce across 20+ countries.
  • Servco Pacific:  Conducted a business assessment through executive-level interview, led a Vision-to-Value workshop to help build a global HR strategy; provided framework and tools and supported their development of a global service delivery model.
  • TD Williamson:  Led the business needs assessment and developed the system design and roll-out strategy for their global compensation system.
  • Toyota:  Led the effort for a functional/technical fit/gap analysis between two product solution sets and developed a detailed business case showing ten-year total cost of ownership and return on investment.
  • Huber:  Led the global requirements gathering effort, assessed alignment and priorities, developed a strategic road map, and evaluated product solution sets to met their business objectives; developed a long-term strategic plan for HRIS and made recommendation for redesign of service delivery model for transitioning to a SaaS environment.
  • Agrium:  Assessed global HR technology needs and developed a tactical plan for optimizing HR technology; also led a global HR strategy workshop for their HR executive team to develop their next three-year HR strategy.
  • QinetiQ:  Developed a strategic plan for optimization and expansion of their shared services operations, including development of a governance model and recommendations for supporting technology and process optimization.
  • Sealed Air:  Led the global requirements gathering effort, assessed alignment and priorities, developed a strategic road map, evaluated product solutions to meet their requirements, and created a detailed business case.
  • Lawson:  Led the team that identified and developed core HR business requirements -- legislative and customary --across 40 countries.
  • HSBC:  Led the assessment effort for the design of their global compensation system for 80,000 employees across 13 countries for Latin America.
  • Hyatt:  Led the development of a business case to upgrade and roll out their HR system globally, including identification of process savings and development of ten-year financial projections.
  • Workday:  Led the product strategy team that designed the global core for Workday's Human Capital Management (HCM) system, covering global person (workers), organization, staffing (life-cycle), and compensation models.
  • Google:  Led the global team that identified key HR requirements across 18 countries as input to the development of their internally developed HR system.
  • Major Investment Firm:  Led the team that developed detailed business requirements (data, process, and reporting) for six countries; Global advisor on the team the developed their global HRO strategy.
  • Schering-Plough:  Developed a global data warehouse strategy to collect and consolidate data from businesses across the world and developed a global metrics and analytics framework to meet business reporting needs.
  • The Conference Board:  Conducted a benchmarking study to assess the product offering opportunities across multiple compensation, IT alignment, and diversity research efforts.
  • Federal Express:  Led the design, implementation and roll-out of their PeopleSoft system for Europe, including integration with corporate headquarters for consolidated reporting.
  • AVAYA:  Led the team responsible for the global design, implementation, and roll-out of their ADP Enterprise system with interfaces to 50 global payroll systems across the world.
  • Hewlett-Packard:  Led the team that developed their global payroll outsourcing strategy and oversaw the implementation and roll-out of ADP payrolls across Europe.
  • Cisco:  Led the team that carried out the global design, implementation and roll-out of outsourced ADP payrolls through North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
  • ADP Global Services:  Responsible for coordination, optimization and development of strategic, global professional services across Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.
  • AG Consulting:  Responsible for the growth and management of professional services across North America and the founding and growth of European operations.
  • Tesseract:  Responsible for application development for HR, Benefits, and Payroll; led many client product development and systems implementation projects for enhanced HR and Benefits functionality.
  • Citibank:  Responsible for back-office operations to support global demand deposit accounting and foreign exchange trading; developed online salary budgeting and merit increase system.

  • Fluent in English, German, and French; conversational in Portuguese and Spanish
  • IHRIM Member of the Year Award as Program Chair of the Global Forum (2004)
  • IHRIM Summit Award for lifetime achievements in field of HR and HRIT (2002)
  • IHRIM Excellence Award for creation of IHRIM Journal (2000)
  • Co-inventor of a patent for an investment fund accounting system (U.S. Patent 4,970,658) (1987)
  • Ph.D. candidate in Sociolinguistics and Computational Linguistics (1982)
  • M.S. from Georgetown University (1979)
  • B.A. from Old Dominion University (1978)

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