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Jeitosa’s Knowledge Center is available to assist our colleagues with a better understanding of the Global HR industry.  We call our Knowledge Center, Agora, which was a “place of assembly” in the Ancient Greek city-states.  We hope that our industry colleagues will feel free to gather here at our digital meeting place to discuss topics of interest in order to further our understanding of leading practices in HR and HR technology.

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Jeitosa’s Agora Knowledge Center is dedicated to Robert H. (Bob) Stambaugh, 1946-2005, who was co-founder of IHRIM and the IHRIM Journal, president of Kapa’a Associates, served as the IHRIM San Francisco Bay Area Chapter director and president, and served four terms as a member of the IHRIM Board of Directors. In 2000, he received IHRIM’s highest award, the Summit Award, for his lifetime contribution to the HRIS discipline. Bob was the author of hundreds of articles and editor of the IHRIM Press book, 21 Tomorrows. As co-founder of the IHRIM Journal with Karen Beaman, he contributed many feature articles and wrote a regular bimonthly column called “Visions of the Future.” In 2005, José Manuel Alcaraz conducted an interview with Bob Stambaugh where he talked in-depth about his views on human capital management. More information about Bob and his contributions to IHRIM and the HR information systems industry can be found at on the IHRIM website.